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Biodynamic Roasted Coffee

Biodynamic Roasted Coffee

Pureplanet freshly roasted Biodynamic Coffee available to order online with volume price... 

Vegan Favourites

Vegan Favourites

The best vegan biodynamic and organic foods brought to you by Pureplanet. 

Raw Chocolate & Cacao

Raw Chocolate & Cacao

We supply a range of responsibly sourced raw chocolate from the finest... 

Why we started Pureplanet

We couldn't find any Biodynamic Coffee so we decided to find a farm who made it and roast it ourselves, and the journey to wholesome pure food and drinks started there

Our Ethos
  • What is Biodynamic Food?

    It's food grown using the natures moon cycle, natural composting methods and natural ways to protect and promote the health of soil and the plant, to work in harmony with how food should be.

  • How is Organic Food different?

    The Soil Association allow Organic producers to use organic fertilisers and pesticides and doesn't mean they are using good soil. Organic farmers aren't out there weeding their fields or using natural compost, leading food lacking minerals, as well as can be using genetically modified organisms, all of which is forbidden in Biodynamic food.

  • Biodynamic Food is harder to grow and difficult to source

    Nevertheless, it is our goal and strategy to promote community based gardening initiatives from our base at Eternal Lake Nature Reserve, where we already grow Biodynamic Damsons, Apples, Blackberries, Beetroot, Asparagus, Microgreens, Herbs and more, and make it easy for you to order this with a fast next working day delivery to your door.

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Eternal Lake Nature Reserve

We are passionate about treating land, air and water as sacred and preserving nature. Our health and wellbeing is highly dependent on the quality of the food and water we use on a daily basis. Come visit the Pureplanet Cafe and Shop at our beautiful nature reserve, an SSSI in Cliffe, near Rochester in Kent.